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An international staple, the Swiss roll meets local flavours in our evergreen collection of modern and vintage homemade cake rolls for a worldly experience to swoon your senses with every bite.

Nouveau Legends

Chocolate Mocha Swiss RollChocolate Mocha Swiss Roll
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Cempedak Roll

Not dissimilar to breadfruit and jackfruit, cempedak is a wonderful Southeast Asian fruit with a rich, unique flavour. This is the star in our delightful Cempedak Roll, where the tropical fruit lends its flavour to a creamy buttermilk filling tucked tightly within our premium sponge cake roll enhanced by corn flour and creamy butter.

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  • Fruit Cocktail Roll

    As colourful as it is tasty, our Fruit Cocktail Roll surprises you with unique fruit flavours in every bite! Filled with a silky buttercream base and a classic fruit cocktail, our spongy cake roll made with eggs, sugar, melted butter and corn flour is lively and inviting. Fruit and cream in perfect harmony!

  • Chocolate Mocha Roll

    Layers over layers of comforting, decadent flavours make our Chocolate Mocha Roll a fan favourite. Our buttercream filling elevates our sponge cake flavored with intense  Italian finely ground coffee and authentic chocolate shavings for a luxurious cream roll. This one will surely bring a smile to your face.

  • Prune Roll

    The classic combination of pitted prunes and silky buttercream becomes one of the most classic Swiss rolls in our repertoire. Timeless and universally pleasing, it’s hard to perfect such a polished flavour and elegant mouthfeel. Our Prune Roll is simply charming.

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These time-tested kueh lapis recipes are a snapshot through time, capturing many years of passion and excellence. The cakes are baked without cutting corners. We use only the finest ingredients generously, never cutting back – just like mom used to do it!

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