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Excellence, Taste and Tradition Since 1977

Kroll: From the Malay term Kek Roll and the European term Swiss Roll - A thin sheet of sponge cake spread with jam, cream, jelly or other fillings and rolled up to slice and share at the table. 


My mom baked, conducted baking classes and sold homemade baking treats for almost thirty years before retiring in the late 90s to take care of us, becoming the most wonderful mom we could ever ask for. My mom was a true pioneer in the baking goods category. Back in the 80s, she was featured a few times on our local Malay language radio FM94.2, newspaper (Berita Harian) and even Women’s magazine (Jelita) in Malaysia. Her exclusive desserts took everyone back to their fondest memories and brought people together.

During the recent COVID-19 health crisis, my now 71-year-old mom returned from retirement to bring joy to the community during the distressful lockdown. To everyone’s surprise, her timeless recipes had the same effect that once made headlines. Produced in exceedingly small quantities with time-worn baking methods and lots of passion, Kroll’s cake rolls sell out as soon as my mom rolls them up!


The origin of these delightful rolled-up cakes filled with cream, jelly and other flavourful ingredients is unclear. But we know they gained popularity in the UK and then in the United States in the 1850s. By the 1970s, they were an international success, mainly because bakers worldwide could customise the sponge cakes with local flavours and ingredients.

Utterly decadent and as delicious as they are tasty, it’s easy to see why the Swiss rolls became an instant classic. As part of the western influence that permeated Asian cultures during the 20th century, the Swiss roll gained notoriety in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Japan. Although the sophisticated dessert lost popularity at the turn of the century, the category is more vibrant today than ever.

And although young bakers are now experimenting with rolled cakes, here at Kroll is the best of old-school bakes and inspired by the Swiss roll’s golden era.

Perhaps the last baker standing from the original Swiss Roll boom, my mom’s desserts are what i believe to be now up there in a category of their own.

I’d like to believe the evolved rolled cakes of today is paying homage to my mom’s.


For my mom, the quality of the ingredients is critical. The thin sponge cakes, sometimes blessed by the warmth of premium cocoa powder are carefully baked for the most pillowy blanket. The fillings, often escorted by a thick layer of buttercream, include the most extraordinary ingredients, from fresh strawberries and chocolate shavings to local pandan leaves and cempedak fruit.

Every roll is handcrafted with care, and each tells a story. Baked, generously filled and delivered fresh out of my mom’s kitchen to your doorstep, these are a convenient yet exclusive treat that’s just hard not to love. 

For me, Kroll cake rolls are all about the flavours of my childhood; they’re tradition and comforting memories; I wish you the same heartwarming experience!